Natural short sleeper

Natural short sleeper


A natural short sleeper is someone who sleeps a lot less in a 24-hour period than is expected for other people the same age. The person is not excessively sleepy.

Alternative Names

Sleep - natural short sleeper

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Although there is a broad range of variation in the individual need for sleep, the typical adult requires an average of 7 to 10 hours each night. Short sleepers have a daily total sleep time of less than 75% of the age-related norm, and awaken spontaneously.

They should be differentiated from people who chronically obtain inadequate sleep because of work or family demands, or who have medical conditions that disrupt sleep.

Natural short sleepers are not excessively tired or sleepy during the day. If you are a "natural short sleeper," who functions effectively during the day, there is no need to consult a physician.

Natural short sleeper
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